Departments - Swimming Pool

  • Design and construction of Swimming Pools, SPA and Fountains Starting from Construction, Structural and Electro-Mechanical Works to Finishing and Commissioning.
  • Supply and installation of Swimming Pools heating and cooling system using the latest and modern technology.
  • Supply and installation of full filtration system for Swimming Pools using the best brands in the world.
  • Supply and installation of the latest lighting technology (LED, Fiber Optic lights) to add a touch of aesthetic to our Pools.
  • Shotcrete works for Swimming Pools, Domes, retaining walls with skilled craftsman.
  • Provide comprehensive team services for Swimming Pools, SPA, and Fountains.
  • Supply  and installation for required accessories such as umbrellas, sun chairs and architectural items around the Swimming Pools.
  • Supply and installation of Swimming Pools covers with more than 7 options to suit with local market requirement.
  • Supply Glass Mosaic Tiles with more than wide range of Colors and Options.